what's new? (updated 1/4/21)


coming soon?

- more comics!

- digital coloring pages!

- boring making-the-site-look-prettier stuff!

so, what the heck is "mlbfgaf?"

excellent question! "my little brother finally got a face" an episodic series starring several strange characters getting into even stranger situations! the vagueness is really for the best. the important thing is that it follows some schoolchildren of varying ages & grade levels, plus their families, as they deal with both each other and the ever-changing rules of their universe. squashed to its basics, it's a late-90's-saturday-morning-cartoon-inspired early-to-mid-2000's-humored art project by a couple of gen z's.

there's no upload schedule, if you care about that sort of thing, but if you wanna see when we update then keep us bookmarked!

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