welcome to the update archive!

Everything is sorted chronologically, newest to oldest. This page is USUALLY updated around the same time as the main page's newest update feature. Along with stuff on the front we would mention like gallery additions or more noticeable cosmetic updates, this page will also feature smaller, less important things like images fixes or otherwise minor adjustments. This is mainly for the siterunners to keep track of everything done to the site, but if you care about past updates or are interested in more than just what's on the big buttons at the top of the page, then you're more than welcome to dig around!


- implemented fun stuff page

- removed creators page


- added "everyone's favorite tv princess!" to image gallery


- added "images taken seconds before legitness" to image gallery


- creators page prepped for removal


- added audio gallery

- added "colorful language" to audio gallery

- added "stayin' sanitary!" to image gallery

- cosmetic updates (gallery, back buttons & main logo!)

- added audio enhancement to comic #1


- added "sandy visits chicago" to image gallery


- added "mr. manns' secret shame" to story page


- comestic updates (menu buttons)


- added "this was too big for the main page" and "zeeb really IS a star!" to image gallery


- happy birthday to the site!

- added pages

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