SANDY is one of the leads. she's in the eighth grade. she's pretty oblivious to most of her surroundings, but sometimes that's her greatest strength.

ZEBRA "ZEEB" is sandy's younger, cooler & more famous brother. he's in the fifth grade & plays the lead role in a radio drama, creatively named "My Little Brother Finally Got A Face."

MR. MANNS is an eighth grade math teacher who puts more effort into his model monkey park than his lesson plans. sandy may be in his class, but he doesn't play favorites.

MRS. MANNS is the wife of mr. manns & mother of zeeb and sandy. she's, uh.. a big fan of pot roast. she married mr. manns because he looks a lot like pot roast. please... please don't ask.

MISSY PIGG is sandy's best friend who's also in the eighth grade. she lives in a tree and sometimes babysits hangs out with zeeb.

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