Colorful Language: Transcript

(dialogue from animal crossing: new horizons)

SANDY: Let's see, uh.. It might toughen you up if you was to use more.. colorful language.

MISSY PIGG: Ooh, you're gonna teach me how to talk in colors? Teach me! Teach me!

SANDY: Alright, say somebody does somethin' that makes you angry. Well, in that case, you just call 'em a dadgum doofus!

MISSY PIGG: Um.. let me see.. you gumdad goofus! Like that?

SANDY: Well, that's.. somethin', I reckon. Almost makes you sound grown up!

MISSY PIGG: Aw, yeah! Now I'm gonna sound cool like you! Whiskers and bean music, concern it!

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